Michael St.Clair

St.Clair, a prodigy child, was born in Zurich, Switzerland on 28 February 1959. He studied law and political sciences at Zurich University and served as a Swiss army officer - assisting a general - before leaving Switzerland and beginning his career advising high-profile clients in special situations world-wide.

While he applied his knowledge as a strategic astrophysicist, he built a steady record of vast and highly accurate economic, social and political predictions, for which he is esteemed.

In 2002 St.Clair aired nine highly popular radio shows in Palm Beach, called Passage11, on WBZT. He returned to Switzerland where he completed a life long vision to share what he knows with the world. As a boy looking out over Lake Geneva, he knew the rough road that awaited mankind. For forty years he prepared to present the story.

St.Clair came into contact with many different forms of what he calls "spiritual crutches," and he denied them all, to find his own direct knowing. Fascinated by the mystery of crop circles, space crafts and the relationship between Sirius, Mars, Atlantis and Egypt - St.Clair looked for, and found, the hidden connection. His web site Passage11.com is consulted daily by thousands of visitors across the world.

During the December 2007 transformative millennial Jupiter-Pluto con-junction in the Galactic Center, St.Clair designed and personally crafted a series of high-powered Orgone generating crystals as consciousness tools.

Beginning 2010 St.Clair's focus and main interest is in developing his skills as an Alchemist and Master of The Crystals. His groundbreaking work with Powerful Crystals can be viewed at Light-Seeds photographed at natural power locations.