2010 - St.Clair Brief: Navigating The Unknown

The St.Clair Brief states that: "Navigation is the key!" Powerful Earth changing events play out before us - as world economy melt-down leads the way to a future physical gold (resource) economy. St.Clair outlines in this easy to understand briefing what options we have through 2011 ahead of the 2012 star alignment - until 2020 - empowering ourselves to create and live in "radiant zones".

The St.Clair Brief summarizes the most pressing issues facing us today, giving a unique perspective on future trends and adds that the state of the human mind is the most important aspect and the key to success. Take this easy to access handbook with you wherever you go. St.Clair raises awareness to totally unique levels with this compact and hard-hitting summary as he urges people to: 'Think outside of the cave'. St.Clair Brief - Navigating The Unknown.

Relationship With The Mystery

St.Clair Brief weaves together many neccessary aspects of human existence with actual material survival suggestions for a world in chaos. Light-Seeds travels on the fringes of what society finds 'acceptable' - and now the "St.Clair Brief" goes further in challenging the 'old paradigm' thinking and behaviour of human's on planet Earth. St.Clair's message is that 'practical solutions' are fired from the 'furnaces' of the Creator ... and like some ancient Viking Saga the furnace is called imagination.

As a young man, St.Clair saw firsthand the banking and finance behaviour and practices that have lead to the complete meltdown of investment, banking and paper currency throughout the world. At a young age he left behind his 'future' carreer as a banker and Swiss Army Officer to research and study why human's live and behave the way they do. A gifted child and highly intelligent top grade student, St.Clair later experienced firsthand two main areas of destructive behaviour: the military and banking. Therefore he set out to understand the forces behind human existence, why we are here and where we are going.

St.Clair discovered that ultimately, where we come from (originate) is at the heart of deciding which paths we take in the years ahead. Human origins are not what modern society pretends.

The old paradigm mind is not going to understand the way the 'St.Clair Brief' is presented, because that mind lacks one key essential feature: Imagination! The reader may wonder why St.Clair includes extra-terrestrial presence on Earth as part of his 'Brief' ... because the hidden presence of extra-terrestrial influence on Earth is the biggest part of the game down here. Planet Earth has never been without an extra-terrestrial presence.

St.Clair also shares with the reader another, more important factor in human existence - a factor less obvious than UFOs and extra-terrestrial presence on Earth. This factor is an important aspect of man's survival and the key to us creating a 'future worth living': Human's are Time Travellers. St.Clair conveys this difficult subject in poetic story telling form, as the mystery is as beautiful and complex as the patterns of a butterfly's wings.

The important message conveyed in the 'St.Clair Brief' is that all aspects of human existence apply to navigating our way through our many lives on Earth (and elsewhere in the Cosmos). As a yong man St.Clair clearly saw that the dense, linear, rigid patriarchal system state of mind is creating the problem. Similar to Krishnamurti, he walked away from all of it - creating years of 'rejection' and hardship for himself. Everything he foresaw (until now) has come to pass.

The current unfolding of the economic disaster is what St.Clair calls: our failure to act. Only when you see that you are sailing onto the rocks do you change course. In general ninty-eight percent of people do not want to know the reality of where they are sailing - the ship is on auto-pilot and the people on board are lost in the game and trusting the system that runs the ship (ruins the ship is more accurate).

Very few people want to look at the whole picture. Society is addicted to the illusion and are now sailing too close to the rocks to avert a disaster. With the 'St.Clair Brief' clues are given as to how people can leave the boat before it sinks. You need 'imagination' and contact to your own inner guide across the bridge of time. You also need to be practical and well prepared on a physical-material level.

St.Clair applies this in his own life on a daily basis. As an artist and skilled designer he brought together his 'dreams', his 'guidance' and his 'imagination' to create and produce crystal resonators and more recently omega artifacts. These tools are artistically crafted, but they are 'artifacts' not pieces of jewelry. Crafted by family Artisans the tools are intended to be produced in small quantities just as our Celtic ancestors did.

The mass production of material goods has led to the ugly world we see around us today. Mass production of weapons has made wars an easy option. The mass prodution of cars has standardized pollution. The mass production of food has made real food a 'luxury'. The mass production of plastics has made the oceans a garbage dump.

If the people in Greece innovated, designed, built and drove their own cars then they would not have to import cars as unemployment in the country rises. If local communities designed and built their own forms of transport then the materials and levels of pollution and sustainability would lie at the local level and not thousands of miles away across the ocean.

On every level St.Clair also applies himself to finding and creating practical local solutions, as well as advising clients and universally sharing his vision with others across the world.

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Light-Seeds - Futures of Planet Earth

Light-Seeds - Futures of Planet Earth is St.Clair's complete work, including: Zen of Stars and FORESEEN - Beyond Time in one volume.

The Master of The Light passed silently through the castle walls, out across the lake and into the sunset while a defragmentation of knowledge was taking place inside my own being. The planet Venus, floating high above the misty mountains, glistened golden in the dark purple evening sky as I recalled what we had exchanged in one day: lifetimes of time travel, Zen of Astrology, compressed into one sunset.

Truth is stranger than fiction. At times there are information portals hidden in plain sight, easily overlooked and often underestimated by those who know. For those who understand how to look, the truth shines like a diamond from the most unlikely source. The lake of life is its own mirror of seeing and of being. We begin this journey - the adventure of Zen magic, journeying into the presence of the unknown as if we knew nothing.