Climate and Earth Changes - 2011 To 2111

Since the creation of St.Clair's Passage 11 in 2000, and the publication of Zen of Stars in 2006, it has become popular with the media to create an apocalypse described as 'Climate Change'.

The general mass-alarm-wagon that seems to have human beings caught like a hare in the headlights of a car, has nothing to do with what is actually happening to planet Earth. The mis-information appearing on the web, about Climate Change and Global Warming, is not what Zen of Stars is proposing.

The problems facing mankind over the next 100 years, until 2112 is not the problem of a runaway planet - but is related to the psychic and psychological state of our minds. Zen of Stars explores the largely unseen reality: That planet Earth is protecting us, although our eco-system is currently in a state of upheaval and collapse.

The often dramatic weather changes happen (at their most powerful) every 2,000 years. The Roman Empire was brought to its knees through ongoing changes in climate that effected its ability to produce food, feed its armies and maintain stability. On planet Earth the climate undergoes rapid change cycles that make it difficult for the species living on its surface to survive. The oldest human civilisations on earth are inside the planet, not on the surface.

Key points in the Solar Systems Galactic orbit bring change, transformation occurs during these orbital cycles, often altering the magnetic frequency of the earth. It is not only the Earth that undergoes these alterations, but the sun and all the planets in our solar system undergo cyclical changes. The process is totally natural. This cycle of change will happen regardless of the human-ecological situation on Earth.

The problems challenging mankind is his own state of mind, his state of consciousness. Human beings are not in danger from the planet they inhabit, humans are a danger to themselves. In that respect people are totally out of step with the natural cycle now unfolding between 2011 and lasting through to 2111.

The mass-media Climate Change circus is misleading [see video].

St.Clair foresaw natural catastrophic changes altering the earth, he also pointed out something that most people ignore. Something more important: The value of our inner lives as we enter this time period. The quality of human experience has largely degenerated at a time when people need to be alert and sensitive. This is the real problem facing human society and not the natural events unfolding on planet Earth.

As bad as things appear in terms of physical human pollution and the ecological deterioration of the environment, the real disturbance is the human psychic, its degeneration and thought pollution. The pollution of the way humans think and behave is far more toxic than the physical pollution. It is the disturbance of the psyche that will disable most humans ability to cope with the challenges facing them in the next decade. Our way of thinking is a far greater danger to us than the Earth Changes, but no one wants to seriously address this revolutionary change.

At this time of cyclical change in the magnetic field of the earth and the resulting environmental changes, the support we need from the vast human natural environment is not there. The destruction of the Native cultures by the new Empire was as devastating as cutting down the Amazon forests. That is the issue facing us now, and not global changes in the weather.

We are leaving the times of abundance and we are entering times of scarcity. Rather than look at the earth and grow fearful, we need to look into the soul-mirror and re-align our personalities and our priorities. Who are we (really), why are we here? To indulge? A mind that cannot contain its greed will create conflict when it has to share. This is why Zen of Stars was written, and not to announce that coastlines will be hit by a big wave.

Perhaps it is time that we learned some kind of compassion for our surrounding environment, for the animals, birds, plants and trees. The Earth is giving birth to a new age, and by destroying the planet during this process we are killing ourselves. The natural environment we need to see the next generations through the changes is rapidly disappearing. The cause of this destruction lies inside our minds. That is the central issue of Climate Change: The human mind. The human psyche. Not to focus outside, but to be aware of what is going on inside.