Jiddu Krishnamurti: The Ending of Time

K was born with the moon in late Sagittarius on the galactic center in the 11th house, a networker and eternal optimistic traveler. He travelled the world except behind the iron curtain, and he spoke to and inspired millions of human beings while the world was at war.

One can see Aquarius rising in Krishnamurti's chart, with Uranus the chart ruler right on the midheaven, or close to it in Scorpio, meaning this is a man who would bring a revolutionary "thought" into this world, and this inspiration would quietly carry on to forge ahead, creating a legacy which - after his death - manifests a teaching that would be unusual and yet enduring. What K suggested was that we will figure it all out for ourselves, by changing our mindset and we should definitely not try to organize Truth, nor build any organizations or followings.

With Saturn in Scorpio, in the 9th (Sagittarian) house of higher teachings and philosophy, in good aspects to a Cancer Jupiter, we find a well anchored body of work that is plugged directly into Cosmos. We see from K's chart how he would have been very interested if not intrigued by the transformative (Scorpio) notions of TIME (Saturn), while exploring and teaching what he sees - 9th house!

By 2006/2007 the world will understand what he meant to teach, when transit Jupiter will once again be at the end of Scorpio.

The teacher of the world, J. Krishnamurti said that:
Time provides no solution

All religions have maintained that time is necessary, the psychological time we are talking about. Heaven is very far away, and one can only come to it through the gradual process of evolution, through suppression, through growth, or through identification with an object, with something superior. Our question is whether it is possible to be free of fear immediately. Otherwise fear breeds disorder; psychological time invariably does breed extraordinary disorder within one.

I am questioning the whole idea of evolution, not of the physical being, but of thought which has identified itself with a particular form of existence in time. The brain has obviously evolved to come to this present stage, and it may evolve still further, expand still more. But as a human being, I have lived for forty or fifty years in a world made up of all kinds of theories, conflicts, and concepts; in a society in which greed, envy, and competition have bred wars. I am a part of all that.

To a man who is in sorrow, there is no significance in looking to time for a solution, in evolving slowly for the next two million years as a human being. Constituted as we are, is it possible to be free from fear and from psychological time? Physical time must exist; you canít get away from that. The question is whether psychological time can bring not only order within the individual but also social order. We are part of society; we are not separate. Where there is order in a human being, there will inevitably be social order outwardly. A timeless state

When we are talking about time, we do not mean chronological time, time by the watch. That time exists, must exist. If you want to catch a bus, if you want to get to a train or meet an appointment tomorrow, you must have chronological time. But is there a tomorrow, psychologically, which is the time of the mind? Is there psychologically tomorrow, actually? Or is the tomorrow created by thought because thought sees the impossibility of change, directly, immediately, and invents this process of gradualness?

I see for myself, as a human being, that it is terribly important to bring about a radical revolution in my way of life, thinking, feeling, and in my actions, and I say to myself, "I'll take time over it; I'll be different tomorrow, or in a monthís time."

That is the time we are talking about: the psychological structure of time, of tomorrow, or the future, and in that time we live. Time is the past, the present, and the future, not by the watch. I was, yesterday; yesterday operates through today and creates the future. That's a fairly simple thing. I had an experience a year ago that left an imprint on my mind, and the present I translate according to that experience, knowledge, tradition, conditioning, and I create the tomorrow. I'm caught in this circle. This is what we call living; this is what we call time.

Thought, which is you, with all its memories, conditioning, ideas, hopes, despair, the utter loneliness of existence-all that is this time... and to understand a timeless state, when time has come to a stop, one must inquire whether the mind can be free totally of all experience, which is of time.