Zen of Stars - Press Release

The Core Message - Zen of Stars

A trans-dimensional epic narrated as a soul-expanding adventure revealing profound discoveries awaiting us - shows our true Cosmic origin and destiny. This book frees mankind, one soul at a time. The narrative by the "Master of The Light" transforms the reader into a seer.

This guided writing, of unmatched proportions, is essentially mind-altering. The soul is time traveler and master of its own destiny. St.Clair introduces a new and multi-dimensional mythology, opening the inner passage to the unknowable in ourselves.

Core message: 2012 will see the merging of new realities, challenging us to adapt to these changes. The world we live in today is a disconnection from our true past. Zen of Stars clarifies everything, from hidden doctrines to unsolved mysteries, as it discloses the purpose of Cosmos, while showing the futures of planet earth.

We are psychic beings inhabiting a physical reality. The physical world is the vehicle for movement through time and space, and the psychic is the journey. Reality evolves from the invisible world.

The 21st Century has swept to its surface a visionary, one of the foremost creative minds, an astrophysicist who speaks of the most fundamental issues facing humanity. The origin of his work is a mystery; brought to you by a source St.Clair calls his ET guidance. In this book of art and science-fiction he addresses what he terms our relationship with the invisible world.

We write our own destiny by interacting with the greater forces of Cosmos.

St.Clair asks: "If we can predict the outcome, can we change it?" He explains how we change the outcome for ourselves by using intelligent compassion.

This book - a spiritual thriller - transforms our world.