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Transforming Strategies

After presenting his highly acclaimed book Light-Seeds, St.Clair formed his international consulting group - NewMind Technologies - devoted to advising high profile clients and organizations through turbulent economic changes, key trigger events and the rising value of gold that St.Clair accurately predicted in 1999.

St.Clair's advice is practical, awakening, liberating and designed for unusual times. St.Clair has trained professionally to deal with societal chaos during his career, ranging from military to law schools, to international banking. His futuristic focus shows clients how to become part - and make use - of The New Mind, described in his books; a mind which is present in the NOW, is psychic, neutral and fluid by definition. He teaches economists, executives, entrepreneurs and scientists how to remain in silent observer mode, while acting from a Zen-like center of being.

"Centered stillness: Intelligence is defined by the purpose of its use."

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Transforming Strategies

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