Zen of Stars

International Services

  • Single Chart Consulting
  • Geographical Analysis
  • St.Clair's day fee is based on two ounces of gold for one day. Depending on the time involved and the complexity of the issues, the fees for a first private horoscope are currently 760 Euro. Meetings in Europe are 2,200 Euro for a meeting with the world councillor, excluding expenses.

    A more involved analysis for special consulting services with follow-up questions is based on an hourly fee of 300 Euro. Professional clients also retain St.Clair on a montly basis.

  • Transforming Strategies
  • Global Consulting
  • Timing
  • St.Clair, a prodigy child, born in Zurich, Switzerland on 28 February 1959. Studied law & political sciences at Zurich University; served as a Swiss army officer - assisting a general - before leaving Switzerland, beginning his career advising high-profile clients in special situations world-wide. While he applied his knowledge as a strategic astro-physicist, he built a steady record of vast and highly accurate economic, social and political predictions, for which he is esteemed.