Zen of Stars [Part One] - Advancing The Light

In Zen of Stars: Part One, (the fictional account of The Master of The Light) St.Clair covers interrelated topics ranging from the challenge of 'Climatic Change' to the age old mystery of UFO contact and Extraterrestrial encounters.

St.Clair's extensive study of Nostradamus, Astrology and Pierre Tielhard de Chardain are lightly woven into the unfolding story. Easy to read, but revealing in-depth analysis of our current situation - Zen of Stars is a masterful work from 'the future'.

The mysterious Master of The Light, who takes the reader through part of the unfolding journey into unique-self, is a fictional account of a real pheomenon. Zen of Stars: Advancing The Light and Zen of Stars: Designing A Sane World were carefully crafted during intense encounters with 'Time Travellers'.

Interacting with these beings across the bridge of time did not result in predictions of what will happen on Earth, but took a self-empowering form in the message that: "You are the future - now!"

The Master of The Light

"The world is changed.
I feel it in the water.
I feel it in the earth.
I smell it in the air.
Much that once was, is lost,
for none now live who remember it."
~ Galadriel, Lord of the Rings

The man from the future stood with his back to the wall of the grand dining hall in Chillon castle overlooking Lake Geneva. Wearing a navy suit, a black shirt and dark polished shoes, he looked the way a time lord would as he passed without motion through the corridors of time and into the space of my presence. Have you ever asked yourself: "What is real?"

The noon sunlight sparkled across Lac Leman and crystal reflections danced in his green eyes as a glint of golden stars passed through the Galactic Center.

Lines of bright light cut between the shadows across the marbled stone floor of the castle rock. It had dawned on me that during some thousands of years of extra-terrestrial interactions some very interesting souls had inhabited these walls in which I now peacefully stood, learning and applying the craft of seeing.

As I thought about this business of seeing, the Zen of knowing, I realized how this man was perfectly at home in the castle, which was after all his doorway between the worlds. He paused briefly and signalled across the bridge of time, as if he wanted to make sure that I would see him.

If I were to say in one word what I know he was or is then it is what he said I am: a trans-human soul. Radiant crescents of light rose to shape the shadows cast through the high windows of the castle. Misty mountains appeared across the lake mirrored in the Gothic windows, reminding me of the fact that they are the timeless guardians of this sacred place.

The impression I gained as I followed the elegantly dressed man up the stairwells to the watch tower, was that of a vortex of timelessness situated on top of a thousand foot high granite needle, emerging high above the surface of this mysterious lake that had kept so many secrets from this world. Was he me from a time yet to be?

The timeless one had come to teach me how to unlock and master time and how to see the invisible world for myself. He was definitely real in the three-dimensional sense of being, although I do not know how he came to stand there in front of me, on the threshold of reality and unreality. He was smiling this incandescent smile of his, and I knew something unusual was about to happen. The time portal opened as the eclipse passed its shadow over the earth, revealing the timeless mirror, showing me the things I had wanted to see.

He was - so he said - the Master of Time. He was here to impart to me the Zen of knowing and the art of seeing. Later, I would see that he was also the Master of The Light. He had come into this time as some sort of other-worldly visitor to talk to me about certain things I had wanted to know, such as the meaning of life, the future of planet earth, the origin of man and many other considerations of that nature.

What we would do about what he taught me was foremost on my mind. Everything seemed new to me, and yet I knew it to be true. His words resonated in my mind like deja-vu. His mind became the bridge to a long forgotten knowing, and what I saw was not as I had expected. It was much more. The castle became a living portal of light and I saw beyond our earthly existence into a future too powerful to describe.

The heavy stone wall behind us shimmered slightly and opened into a beautiful place filled with light. In the space beyond the wall I watched colors dancing. Colors I had never seen before. Colors we have no names for. It really is not necessary to name everything we see. It is more important that we just take it in and behold it. This constant need for naming things is not sane, nor is it helpful to the deeper understanding of things.

People from another futuristic looking time seemed to be at work in this space beyond the walls of our reality. What they were actually doing and working on was not so clear to me, until much later, but everyone seemed to be at peace and focused on something that all of them considered important. They were finding Nirvana while experimenting on some complex time loop mechanism.

The people I observed in that window of timelessness were Zen masters of sort; they were both spiritually and technologically highly advanced. Like a gentle rain, sparkling rays of rainbow-colored light flooded into the vortex chamber and merged with the master of time standing close to the wall. He had opened the mirror of seeing to me. All I had to do now was to look into it and see for myself ...

Light-Seeds - Futures of Planet Earth

Light-Seeds - Futures of Planet Earth is St.Clair's complete work, including: Zen of Stars and FORESEEN - Beyond Time in one volume.

The Master of The Light passed silently through the castle walls, out across the lake and into the sunset while a defragmentation of knowledge was taking place inside my own being. The planet Venus, floating high above the misty mountains, glistened golden in the dark purple evening sky as I recalled what we had exchanged in one day: lifetimes of time travel, Zen of Astrology, compressed into one sunset.

Truth is stranger than fiction. At times there are information portals hidden in plain sight, easily overlooked and often underestimated by those who know. For those who understand how to look, the truth shines like a diamond from the most unlikely source. The lake of life is its own mirror of seeing and of being. We begin this journey - the adventure of Zen magic, journeying into the presence of the unknown as if we knew nothing.