Zen of Stars [Part Two] - Designing A Sane World

In Zen of Stars: Part Two, St.Clair takes the reader on a journey to Activate I-Magi-Nation and realise the Ending of Fear. Revealing Extraterrestrial interference as a major part of the puzzle, St.Clair focuses on the power of the human mind to lift our planetary awareness, realign to co-operation and navigate beyond the known.

"Future Earth Security" outlines Astrological forces affecting economy, wars, politics, energy, earthquakes, science and technology as well as the formation of a new Cosmology.

Throughout Zen of Stars we are Cosmic Star Navigators - guiding ourselves from the Future through the oceans of Cosmic Mind. The development of new technologies will herald a planetary shift to embrace Nicola Tesla's dream of free energy and interplanetary travel.

St.Clair's extensive study of Nostradamus, Astrology and Pierre Tielhard de Chardain are lightly woven into the unfolding story. Easy to read, but revealing in-depth analysis of our current situation - Zen of Stars is a masterful work from 'the future'.

The mysterious Master of The Light, who takes the reader through part of the unfolding journey into unique-self, is a fictional account of a real pheomenon. Zen of Stars: Advancing The Light and Zen of Stars: Designing A Sane World were carefully crafted during an intense encounters with 'Time Travellers'.

Interacting with these beings across the bridge of time did not result in predictions of what will happen on Earth, but took a self-empowering form in the message that: "You are the future - now!"

Light-Seeds - Futures of Planet Earth

Light-Seeds - Futures of Planet Earth is St.Clair's complete work, including: Zen of Stars and FORESEEN - Beyond Time in one volume.

The Master of The Light passed silently through the castle walls, out across the lake and into the sunset while a defragmentation of knowledge was taking place inside my own being. The planet Venus, floating high above the misty mountains, glistened golden in the dark purple evening sky as I recalled what we had exchanged in one day: lifetimes of time travel, Zen of Astrology, compressed into one sunset.

Truth is stranger than fiction. At times there are information portals hidden in plain sight, easily overlooked and often underestimated by those who know. For those who understand how to look, the truth shines like a diamond from the most unlikely source. The lake of life is its own mirror of seeing and of being. We begin this journey - the adventure of Zen magic, journeying into the presence of the unknown as if we knew nothing.